Top Five Essential Items to Keep Track Of

When it comes to your physical assets and valuables, what are the key items worth keeping track of? What items have you constantly searching for important papers such as receipts and warranties?

We think these five items are worth keeping track of:

1.Your Home
Imagine you are relocating for your job. If you are a homeowner, you will need to decide whether you want to sell or rent out your home. Time to look over the paperwork. Do you have your mortgage papers on hand for reference or are they stowed away in a crumpled mess with a hundred other papers. And if you are a renter, do you know what month your lease is up? If not, can you find your lease papers among your other documents? Better go searching!

2.Your Vehicle
Some people drive the same car for a decade or more and bond with it like a member of their family; others like to change their car as often as they buy new shoes. Back to the relocation scenario, whether you own, lease, or even rent your car, you will want your key documents on hand to help you make your decision on whether or not to take your car with you.

You still have some time before you relocate, so you are sitting at your desk writing up the last paragraph of that report when, suddenly, your hand tips over that mug of coffee and it spills all over your beautiful, shiny laptop. Please tell me you clicked the "Save" button before that happened. Now your computer is a goner. Unless your warranty still covers it? Or did it expire last month? Can you find the warranty buried in that drawer somewhere in the house?

Your laptop is ruined, now you're hungry, and you're in the mood for a smoothie to cheer you up. You throw some fruit into your blender and press "Blend." Two seconds later, the blender stops, it's broken! But, you think to yourself, you bought your blender only 10 months ago, and you have a 1-year warranty on it, or do you? Do you know where that warranty paper is located?

5.Other Important Documents
You have spent a chunk of your time searching through leases, rental agreements, warranties and endless receipts. Is there anyway to keep track of all these items in a convenient way? Check out our new, upcoming app, XcellTRACKER which can keep track of all your assets and valuables in one place.

Our XcellTRACKER application can Track and Link your Assets, Insurance, Warranties, and other Documents. Receive notifications and alerts for when your Warranties and Leases expire. Your life is busy, try our app to get organized. Download the app today and contact us to learn more.

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