How to Organize your Home Maintenance Tasks

If you own a home, or even if you are a renter, you know the importance of maintaining your home, inside and out. There are many things to think about when taking care of your home from the fireplace to the gutters to the trees in the backyard. But how do you even begin with maintenance, and how do you keep track of everything and know when each item is due? Do you even remember the last time you cleared out your gutters? Maybe it’s time to make a list.

Make a List

We put together a major list of tasks you can start out with:

- Air Conditioning Service

- Heater Service

- Clear gutters and drains

- Spray for bugs

- Check sprinklers and drip lines

- Adjust watering cycles for seasons

- Fertilize trees and plants

- Treat trees for diseases and bugs

- Change ceiling fans direction for seasons

- Wash windows inside and out

This list is not exhaustive, and there are probably many more things you can add depending on your home. But it can give you a start.

Stay Organized

One of the most difficult parts of maintenance is keeping track of everything. You can use a tool such as the XcellTRACKER app to enter each of the above items as a “Task” that needs to be completed. Set a date for each home maintenance activity, and then set an Alert to remind you the next time it needs to be done. This way, if you are wondering when was the last time you cleaned out the gutters, you can instantly open up the app on your phone, check the task and note when it was completed. No more guessing games or trying to remember.

Set Alerts

After you finish each task, make sure to set an alert for the next time it needs to be completed. With XcellTRACKER, you have the option to set alerts daily, weekly, monthly or yearly depending on the task. Try to schedule everything so that you don’t need to do it all in one month. Perhaps you would want to get all the outdoor items done in the springtime when the weather is the most comfortable, and you can do the indoor items during the winter when you know you will be home because of the weather.

With XcellTRACKER, you can take your productivity a step further by storing relevant documents of home appliances, contact information for service companies, and other important details in one organized place - making it easier to accomplish your tasks. Many times, we postpone a task because we don’t have certain details handy, but by using our app, you can attach soft copies of documents, receipts, service reports and even photos. You can even store a video or a brief audio note narrating the service/procedure or instructions on how to complete it.

By taking care of your home, you keep everything clean, organized, and running efficiently - saving you time and money in the future.

XcellTRACKER can help you stay organized. Download and register today for free!.


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