Tips for Taking Care of your Electronics

It has happened to all of us at least once before.

We buy a new electronic device, in my case, a laptop. I bought it new from the store and declined to buy the additional warranty protection plan (I don’t need that I told myself). I took it straight home, eagerly removed it from the packaging and began using my new laptop. The receipt lay crumpled at the bottom of the bag it came in.

A few months later, after spilling a hot beverage all over my laptop, to my horror, I instantly regretted my past decisions.

Don’t make my mistakes. Take care of your pricey electronics and save yourself time and money. I’ve compiled a list of tips for when you make a purchase of a pricey electronic.

Tip #1: Purchase a warranty and keep the information somewhere safe!

My number one mistake was declining the warranty in order to save money. With this tip, I would say you should buy a warranty or protection plan depending on the item you have. A laptop for example, is an item that you would use almost everyday and would possibly be around hot liquids or food. If you do buy a warranty, snap a picture of the paper copy or scan it and store it somewhere you can easily reference.

Tip #2: Stay updated on warranty expirations.

Some electronics that you purchase may already come with warranties with certain conditions, and they usually have an expiration date. Keep track of the impending expiration dates of your electronic purchases through an app and set alerts for a time period before the item expires.

Tip #3: If you purchase any type of insurance/warranty/protection plan, read the fine details.

Depending on the warranty plan or insurance you have, some situations are covered while others are not. For example, does your warranty cover accidental damage? How about water damage? Or does it just cover the electronic if it stops working - how can you find all this out? Is there a systematic way of keeping all this information in one place so that you can pull it up when needed?

Tip #4: Use a tool to stay organized.

Whenever you make a big electronic purchase, store copies of receipts, warranties and protection plans in XcellTRACKER. With XcellTRACKER, you can file each electronic item under “Assets” and link with corresponding warranties and insurance. You can attach images, videos, audios, other documents such as PDF and Word, to each electronic asset for easy reference. Have all information about what you own on hand for whenever you need it just like that! If something ever happens to an item you own, you can instantly look up the warranty or insurance information. You can also set three different expiration alerts for warranties and insurance, so you can always be one step ahead.

Tip #5: Stay away from hot liquids!

This one SHOULD be a no-brainer, but sometimes you’re tired, you’re rushed and working on a deadline. The coffee is too close to the laptop, your hand tips it over and…

These things happen. Life happens. So be prepared. Hopefully these tips can help you take care of your items, and you can use XcellTRACKER to keep everything organized. Available now for free! Register today.


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