Your Son Lost His Phone--Now What?

You buy your college-bound 18 year old son a $600 Android phone as a high school graduation gift. Your son leaves the next day to the small-town college of his dreams, Android phone in hand (with your name and number programmed in by you), and a smile on his face.

Two weeks later, he calls you: "I can't find my phone."

He can't find the $600 phone you just bought him.

Questions race through your mind. Is the phone insured? Does the insurance cover loss or theft? You are furious. Your son is distraught. You search through your "document drawer" for the phone receipt that you must have stowed away in there two weeks earlier. Except you can't find the receipt!

Don't panic.

Imagine, if once you bought the phone, you uploaded all the information, including warranty and insurance coverage, into your own smartphone. And once you heard about the phone being lost, you quickly pull up the information for the phone, and see the details regarding the warranty and insurance coverage. You can have all the information on hand to quickly order a replacement phone and have it sent to your son.

You would be able to solve your predicament right there and then.

XcellTRACKER can make this scenario easier. With XcellTRACKER, Track and Link your Assets, Insurance, Warranties, and other Documents. Set up notifications and alerts for when your insurance or warranties expire. Create separate accounts for each family member and link to a master account.

When you buy a new phone, open up the XcellTRACKER app, enter the details into the app, including the insurance policy, and assign the phone to your son's member account. Now no more rummaging through your receipt drawer.

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