How Not to Ruin your Family Vacation

Summer is finally here. It's time for your yearly family trip to India. You have spent the long, cold winter months preparing for this trip.You bought the aunties and uncles presents. You bought each of your children a brand new summer wardrobe. You asked the neighbors to check on the mail for you while you're away. It's finally the day, you arrive at Delhi airport with the children buzzing with excitement; they've been up all night. You reach customs, pull out your passports, and your stomach drop as you flip through each passport.

You forgot to renew your daughter's passport visa to what?

Now--after mentally kicking yourself--you have to fly back to the United States, reapply for a visa, then fly back to India and enjoy what's left of your truncated vacation. Your kids are furious. You're stressed. So much of your time and money have been wasted.

With major trips like these, how is it possible to account for every detail and avoid mistakes such as these. How can you remember to get everything done between the shopping and packing?

XcellTRACKER could have reminded you.

With our XcellTRACKER application, along with Tracking and Linking your assets, warranties, insurance and other personal documents, you can set up notifications and reminders such as a passport visa renewal.

Here's what could have happened with the help of XcellTRACKER:

You set up a reminder to renew your visa 60 days before expiration. Sixty days before the expiration, your phone alerts you, you reapply for the visa--crisis averted. Your vacation is saved along with your sanity.

XcellTRACKER can help you maintain a productive lifestyle by keeping Track of your essential items. Contact us to learn more today.

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