How XcellTRACKER can Help you Make that Business Meeting on Time

You are driving to work; today is the meeting with your big sales pitch. You spent all week preparing for it. You are going over your pitch in your head when, suddenly, you are rear-ended by an uninsured driver. You pull over, check your watch and hope that you can make it to the meeting on time. Then you realize you don't have your insurance card on you. But you do have the XcellTRACKER app downloaded, with your insurance card uploaded. You quickly pull up the electronic copy of the insurance card on your mobile phone and coolly proceed with the police accident filing.

After, you initiate the insurance claim process since you have all the info on hand, you plan to drop off your car to the local repair shop covered by your insurance after the meeting. Thanks to the convenience of XcellTRACKER, you make it to your meeting.

With our XcellTRACKER app, keep Track of your assets, insurance, warranties and other personal documents. Keep all your information on hand for times like these when you need to pull up your insurance info quickly. You can even set reminders and notifications for when your insurance, warranties, or leases expire.

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