Introducing our App: XcellTRACKER

Are you looking to get more organized and productive? Tired of piles of paper that you have to constantly look through for reference? Introducing XcellTRACKER, our new app available now to download.

With XcellTRACKER, Track and Link your Assets, Warranties, Insurance and other personal Documents with this mobile and web-based productivity application.

Need to figure out if your laptop warranty expired but you have no idea where you placed the paperwork? Instead of searching through your drawers, pull up the information through the XcellTRACKER app.

Want to know when your lease expires? How about your car insurance? Have all this valuable information stored in the app for easy and quick reference.

Need to set a reminder to renew your passport before a major trip? Or how about setting a reminder to remember your friend’s birthday (the one you ALWAYS forget). XcellTRACKER has a useful feature to set reminders and task notifications.

Main Features of XcellTRACKER:

- Link your Assets to Warranties, Insurance, Claims, Tasks and Notes.

- Attach Images, Videos, Audios, and other Documents.

- Track Current Value of Assets for Net Worth Reporting.

- Create up to 3 different Alerts for Expiring Warranties and Insurance.

- Setup Member Accounts, Personal Preferences, and System Settings.

- Create Member Groups and Assign Ownership.

- Color Coding to show when Warranties and Insurance Expire.

- Dashboard View and Reporting.

Get Tracking Today!

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