Selling your Car: Do you have all Documents on Hand?

How XcellTRACKER Can Make Selling Your Car Easier.

You put your car up for sale. You bought it a year ago from someone, and now your family is growing so you will be needing a bigger car. You are in the process of speaking to an interested buyer when they ask a question about the car; however, that question can only be answered by the contact you bought your car from.

You know you have that contact’s number, somewhere. You search your car, your filing cabinet, your desk drawers.

Where did that paper go?

It has been a year, so it’s very possible you threw that paper away.


You remember. When you made the sale, you entered the car info into the XcellTRACKER app, and you included the contact number and email of the person you bought it from! You pull up the app, open the assets section, and get the contact info.

As your assets keep growing, it is inevitable to have a countless amount of papers in your possession. XcellTRACKER provides much-needed organization because you can pull up any of your documents instantly. You only need to enter information once, and XcellTRACKER does the work for you.

Thank you again, XcellTRACKER!


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