Manage Your Car Maintenance and Save Money

Car maintenance - it’s something that we don’t love to do, but all of us know better that we should do. How can we make car maintenance management easier - or more productive? Just like our bodies, cars are complicated machines, and they need routine preventative maintenance to continue running smoothly and to stay in good shape.

According to Lifehacker: “Regular preventive maintenance is probably the single thing you can do as a car owner to keep your ride happy and save money on repairs in the future.”

The Best Maintenance is Preventative Maintenance

Here are a few things that Lifehacker recommends you can do to take care of your car:

● Take a look at and inspect your car regularly

● Keep an eye on your fluids and change when needed

● Check and replace your timing and serpentine belts when needed

● Change your oil (and learn how to check when it needs changing)

● Maintain and clean your car battery

● Get new windshield wipers when they wear down

● Check and take care of your tires

Preventative Car Maintenance Can Save you Money

How much can preventative car maintenance save you per year? According to Fleetio, checking and maintaining your tires to the “factory recommended pressures” can save you $99 every year while changing and choosing the right oil for your car can help you save about $60 per year. Even keeping your car clean and free of unnecessary items can save you money because 100 pounds of extra stuff in your vehicle can hurt fuel efficiency by 2%. These savings can add up over the years.

More importantly, if preventive maintenance is not taken seriously, it may cost much more when the vehicle stops in the middle of the road - hurting your productivity and disrupting your schedule - which is invaluable.

Use a Tool to Keep Track

One issue with taking care of your vehicle is the difficulty in keeping up with the details of various maintenance items. With our busy lives, it can be easy to forget when was the last time you did an oil change and when the next one is scheduled. And out of all of our to-do list items, remembering to refill the windshield fluid may be the last thing on our minds.

The best solution to keep track of the maintenance you do to your car is through a tool that can store your car information, receipts, insurance details, warranty information, car-care purchase details and the repair work done and service maintenance done. You can go the old fashioned way through a journal or folder in which you can staple receipts and keep the dates of your last oil check, or you can use an app that will store all your information in one, convenient place.

With the XcellTRACKER app, you can scan and copy receipts of your last tune-up. You can set an Alert for your upcoming oil change. You can set a Task to change your wiper fluid next month. You can enter your car insurance information, the contact number and policy number in case you ever need it on the go. Attach info for any warranties. Attach audio, video, or written Notes, and more! All you have to do is take a photo using your phone and file it under the “Vehicle” category and even make note of important contact details. For example, when you go in for a tire change next time, you can refer to details as told by the car dealer that you stored in your app to make sure your tire pressure is just right. You can pull up a copy of the paper you need, pulled up right through your phone.

XcellTRACKER has web and mobile access for easy update and access information anywhere and anytime.

Take care of your vehicle. XcellTRACKER can help. Register and try for free today.


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